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"How is the Grant amount determined?"

  • The small business owner determines the amount based on eligible expenses up to $10,000.


"What if I don’t have employees, only 1099 workers, can I use this to pay them?"

  • Yes, salaries, wages and compensation to 1099 workers is an eligible expense.


"What supporting documentation do I need to send in with the application?"

  • You need to substantiate all eligible expenses that you are requesting reimbursement for.  Documentation shall be in the form of paid invoices, canceled checks, bank statements or similar documentation showing payment of eligible expenses.

  • You also need to show that you have less than $1 million in gross revenue/receipts on an annual basis. This can be evidenced by records such as the business’ 2018 and 2019 federal income tax returns or financial statements.

  • Have 30 or fewer full time employees or 1099 workers. This can be demonstrated by forms such as 2019 form W-3 transmittal of wage and tax statements or 2019 form 1096 annual summary and transmittal of U.S. information returns and payroll reports or checks that evidence number of workers as of 3/22/2020 or statement attesting/certifying that your business has this number employees/workers or 1099 workers.


"Do I have to pay this money back?"

  • No, you do not have to repay this grant.

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